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Artemis Nature Trail

Artemis Nature Trail in Platres

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Circular Trail

Starting Point: 300m from where the Chionistra road meets the Troodos – Prodromos road.
Ending Point: Troodos – Prodromos Road
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.4km Duration Hour: 3 Hours

Point of Interest:

The trail crosses the black pine forest, where uncommon flora and fauna species and local rock formations can be encountered. There are two approximately 500-year-old perennial black pine trees (Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana). ‘The teishia tis palaias choras’, the ruins of improvised fortifications constructed by a group of Venetian generals attempting to defend themselves against the Ottomans during the final years of the Venetian occupancy of Cyprus (1571 AD), is of historical significance. At an altitude of 1,850 metres, the route forms a circuit around the summit of Mount Olympos (Chionistra), providing a panoramic view in every direction. The trail is situated within the Troodos National Forest Park, and the Troodos National Forest Park Environmental Information Centre is located 2.2 kilometres away. This is Flora Cyprus Skullcap (Scutellaria cypria subsp. cypria), Spurge (Euphorbia cassia subsp. rigoi), Cyprus germander (Teucrium cyprium subsp. cyprium), Troodos sage (Salvia willeana), and Pondikangathos (common subshrub) are among the endemic plants that can be studied while trekking. Mammals are the principal species of fauna present in the region. Sheep, fox, and hedgehog. Birds include the Bonelli’s eagle, the Eurasian jay, the Wood pigeon, the partridge, the Cyprus warbler, and the Cyprus wheatear. Diverse reptiles The Cyprus viper and the Cyprus serpent are endemic species.

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