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Kalidonia Nature Trail

Kalidonia Nature Trail in Platres

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Linear Trail

Starting Point (a): 350m from the main road of Troodos Square Platres, 3km from the square. You can also access the starting point from the old Troodos Platres road, after the Presidential Summer Residence (b:) At the Psilodentro (Tall Tree) above Pano (Upper) Platres.
Ending Point: Psilo Dentro
Degree of Difficulty: High 
3km Duration Hour: 1.5 Hour

Point of Interest:

From the starting point (a), the trail crosses a dense forest before flowing alongside the year-round running Cold River (Krios Potamos). After passing by the Kalidonia Waterfall, it concludes at Pano Platres’ Psilodentro. Geographically, the trail is situated within Troodos National Forest Park. The Troodos National Forest Park Environmental Information Centre is located in Troodos Square.


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