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Millomeris Waterfall

Few Words

It is situated in the south-eastern region of Platres, one kilometre from the beginning of the “nature path” that leads there. A dirt road leads to the waterfall, from which vehicles can access it. The name of the waterfall is likely derived from the Cypriot dialect word millos, which means wet, and the word part (millos + meros = Millomeris). They named the waterfall Millomeri as a result of the wet and chilly environment created by the Cold River’s flow. The waterfall’s water from a height of fifteen metres. This waterfall has only recently gained recognition due to the fact that its location was inaccessible until recently. However, as a result of the completed construction, the road and path that were constructed to provide access to it, the Millomeri waterfall is now one of P. Platres’s attractions and its majesty attracts a large number of visitors.


Olivemill Museum in Koilani Village
Olivemill Museum
Olivemill Museum in Koilani Village
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