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Kalidonia Waterfall

Few Words

The origin of the appellation ‘Kalidonia’ waterfall must be traced to the English (and also the Scots). When the English and the Scots visited the area in 1878, approximately two kilometres north of P. Platres, they were captivated by the waterfall. They honoured their homeland by naming the waterfall the ‘Kalidonia’ Waterfall (‘Kalidonia’ was the ancient name for Scotland). The locals of Platres still refer to it as the ‘Kalidonia’ Waterfall (Ta Kalidonia). This waterfall is among the highest in Cyprus. The water of the waterfall descends from a height of 12 metres in a vertical direction. There is both a vehicular road and a nature trail (near the Tall Tree) that lead it.


Olivemill Museum in Koilani Village
Olivemill Museum
Olivemill Museum in Koilani Village
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